McKean County
January 31, 2013
celebrating 82 years of service to our community and the world
The Rotary Club of Port Allegany
For benefit of Five For Water (providing clean water for many areas around the world) and SWAMP
(Success With Achievement, Motivation and
Preparedness) Teen Center (providing social and educational activities in Port Allegany area)  
* Attendance - 20 for 59%
* 50/50 Winner - Mum is the Word
* 238 persons were tested at the recent      Comprehensive Blood Analysis and $5000     will go towards Community Projects. A big    Thank You to Ron Mickle and all of his         helpers
*Christopher Hauser - Program guest
*Tyler Hannah - Program guest
*Pam Fischer -  Our faithful photographer
*Troy Herzog - Smethport Rotarian
*Thom Pereira - Our Exchange Student
Program Schedule
          7 - Club Assembly
         14 - Joe Lashway
         21 - Bob Hartle
         28 - Tony Flint       
Green Mountain Coffee
Sale Fundraiser
Benefit of SWAMP Teen Center
Give your orders to Charlie Cox
Organic Sumatran Reserve
Exotically lush, sweet and heavy-bodied,
born in the mountains of Indonesia.
Roast Profile: Light ----5-----Dark / 10 oz bag - $10
Organic House Blend
A satisfying blend of medium and dark
roasts. Deep, rich and full-bodied.
Roast Profile: Light ------7---Dark / 10 0z bag - $10
Organic Rain Forest Nut
A subtle, sweet, delightful coffee with tastes
of vanilla, caramel, cashew, and brazil nuts.
Roast Profile: Light --3-------Dark / 12 oz bag - $10
Organic House Blend Decaf
This decaf blend of light and dark roasts has a full, mellow flavor and a smooth finish. Deep, rich and
Water process decaffeinated.
Roast Profile: Light ------7---Dark / 10 oz bag - $10
Click Here for more information
A good cup of coffee can change your day.And now it can help change the world.
Clean Water: A Necessity For Life.
Great Coffee: An Opportunity To Help.
217 bags of coffee have been sold and $508 + donated to SWAMP Teen Center since the start of the fund raiser in 2011.
The Purpose of the Court is to justly decide the controversies presented.
Club President and today's Program Chairman Christa Schott introduced Judge Christopher Hauser and Law Clerk Tyler Hannah. Judge Hauser assisted by Clerk Hannah presented a video of the new website of the Court Of Common Pleas. A few of the helps accessible to the public at the site are History, Epay, Legal helps, Pa. Code, forms used by the court, announcements, rules, recent change in the Jury Commission, a Jurors Handbook and many other links. New additions coming are Handbook for Guardians and Domestic Relations. Links to  Unified Judicial System of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania Judiciary Web Portal, Pennsylvania Law Help and Northwestern Legal Services are available from the
McKean County Court Of Common Pleas  (Click Here) website.
A backlog of civil cases from several years and numbering in the hundreds is now down to 2 or 3.
Many thanks to Judge Chris Hauser and Law Clerk Tyler Hannah for informing us that McKean County is well on the way to a modern up to date Judicial System that cares about people.
Humor - A Think Spring Funny

A couple's lawn mower was broken, and the wife kept hinting to her husband that he should get it repaired.  But the message never sunk in.  She finally thought of a way to make her point.

One day the husband arrived home to find her seated in the grass busily snipping away with a pair of scissors.  He watched silently for a short time, and then went into the house.

He returned a few moments later, handed her a toothbrush and said, "When you finish cutting the grass, you might as well sweep the sidewalk."

The doctors say he should be able to walk again, but always have the limp.
Thot For Today

The best way to get ahead is to use the one you've got.
Judge Christopher G Hauser
             Club President Christa Schott
Law Clerk Tyler R Hannah